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General Questions

New around here ? Start With the Basics

What all is covered with the basic quote?

Your quote covers you for everything you need to ensure a great event! Your DJ, Sound Rig, Basic FX lighting for the dancefloor, cordless Microphone and obviously setup and strike of all the gear! The standard rig we send out will cover 120pax indoors easily. Larger rigs are available for larger events.

What about requesting songs during the event?

As the client you make the make to allow requests or not. From our side we are happy to engage with guests and play the tracks that will keep them on the floor! The DJ is there to serve you. Service orientation is something instilled in our DJs with the same emphasis as the technical skills we teach our guys and girls. Don’t be shy to use him or her accordingly – it’s a common misconception that the DJ resides in some glass castle like a mad scientist, not to be disturbed. We don’t operate like that.

Will the DJ play the music we want at our wedding or will he just do his own thing?

Control is always a big issue with wedding clients: You spend months planning all the finer detail – basically you can get into a position where you know what’s going to happen and how it’s going to look when it’s happening. I understand the importance of this control – you (hopefully) only get to do this once, and if everything’s planned you can sit back and enjoy the experience. I don’t think that the music selection should be any different. I always push our clients to get as involved in the music programming as their knowledge allows them to do, this is after all the soundtrack to one of the most important days of your life.

I don't know that much about music? What tracks do we select and how many?

Its not Rocket Science. But it does take a bit of planning.  Do what you can to pick the music you like or want to hear. It’s actually a lot easier than you’d think it is. Consider this: at a normal wedding, your actual dancing time (from first dance to the end of the night) is usually 5 hours or less. Since a song is on average about 4 minutes long, that gives you about 15 songs per hour and over 5 hours about 75ish songs that you’ll actually end up hearing. Open a bottle of wine one night with your future spouse and start compiling a list of songs or albums that are relevant to your relationship, clubs you used to go to, songs you and your buddies used to party to back in the day, songs from movies you enjoyed and so on, and see how easy it is to make a dent in that grand total of 75. 75 songs is not actually a lot – the key to doing this is that if a song selection is a “maybe”, then the answer is actually “no”. Once you’ve gotten as far as you can, then give me the list and I’ll do the rest. What I then do is take your selections and expand them a bit based on your selections and I compile a sampler disc, which I then give you. You then get to listen to the actual music that we’re planning on playing at your wedding and edit it some more and sign off on something that you are happy with. This provides you with a much greater degree of control (and peace of mind)
regarding what it is that we get up to at your wedding.

What if something doesn't work? Backup Service?

These logistics get sorted out by the end of our first meeting, if not via email before then. There are very few wedding venues in the Western Cape that we haven’t worked at at least once in the past 6 years. Most of them we have a photographic record of the venue layouts and set-ups available for reference. In general, we set-up 2 hours before the start of the proceedings – this gives us an opportunity to do all the sweaty set-up work without your guests having to see the mechanics of the process, and it also means that we have enough time to sort out any problems we might have and bring in replacements if need be. All our rigs get tested before leaving our premises, and we have a 24 hour technical support crew available should there be a problem – any problem can be solved within 30 minutes of it being called in.

OK, so how do we go about this process?

Here we go:

1. Complete the basic quote request field on our home page.

2. You will then receive a quote based on what you require.

3. If you approve of this quote you sign it and email it back to me.

4. You need to pay a deposit equal to 50% of the full quoted amount to secure your booking.

5. We set up a meeting (which usually takes about 30 minutes over a cup of coffee somewhere central) at which we finalize the logistic details and start the process of music profiling.

6. You mail me a list of the music you want to hear. we often setup a spotify playlist or use Dropbox. If you need help picking oldies I’ll send you a list of ideas based on wedding requests over the past 4 or 5 years, and at the same time pick a DJ I feel is most suited to your needs.

7. I’ll turn your list of requests and my recommendations into a sample playlist which I’ll then provide you with round about 2 weeks before your wedding date for you to sign off.

8. The playlist  specific to your wedding is then loaded and ready and equip the DJ with both this music as well as the logistic summary and order of events a week before the big day.

9. We check in with you for any last minute changes to the briefing.

10. We follow our standard check-in and progress communication protocols with the DJ on the actual day.

11. We will invoice you for final settlement in the week leading up to your wedding (we don’t take cash  on the night).

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If peace of mind is what you’re looking for, our experience stretch 21 years and made 1800 clients happy, which makes us the number one choice for your event .

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